Scenic Route - Canberra to Goulburn - Onight camp
About the Track
Track Description

A friend and I had no choice but to make a trip to Goulburn from Canberra, which is normally an easy hour each way via the Freeway, but I wanted to make the trip as "interesting" as possible, and if we could find a spot to throw down a swag for the night then even better ! !

If you skip the detour down Lake George Road, and up to the top of Mt Baby, then the entire trip is very easy 2wd trip, and varies between dirt and tar.
If you choose the Mt Baby portion of the trip, then expect a steep 4wd climb on a long disused track, that in the wet could well be unuseable. The advantage is that that whole portion of the track log, is totally optional, and pretty easily recognised on the tracklog.

The scenery along the way is amazing, and varies greatly from rolling hills, to grassy plains, and I would love to further explore the crown land road that continues on around Lake George at the bottom of the Lake George Road, but will have to leave that for my next trip to Goulburn.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
25017 No way through at all. All land appears to have been sold and is now private property. LandRover Defender Mar 10, 2014
19277 A scenic drive however the optional section was being graded due to land being sold. The route up to the beacon was very slippery but good fun. No need for a support vehicle on this route. LandRover Discovery Mar 10, 2012