South Bassalt - Brewery Creek Track
About the Track
Track Description
This Trek is short and leaves from the old town site of Talbotville. South Bassalt can be seen from the camp ground. The first 500 metres is very steep and loose. Be careful. the rest of the journey is simple and joins up with Brewery Creek track which is more of a dirt road. This track takes in some spectacular views and returns to Talbotville.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
27087 Steep and dusty at the bottom but rest of track is easy. Take it slowly at the bottom going up or down Nissan Patrol Jan 22, 2015
17302 The steep sections are very different to what they used to be. The upper section now has larger water bars and no rock steps. The lower section is no longer straight up - it's a constant series of turns flowing up hill like a figure S. Very weird track now. Do NOT bring a trailer! Toyota Prado Apr 15, 2014
39493 Steep and slipper after rain but completed with no problems. Nissan Patrol Apr 13, 2014
10203 South Basalt Knob Track has been graded. No more rock ledges, ruts, traction issues or pinstriping. Still steep and a fun climb. Toyota Hilux Nov 10, 2013
17302 The very steep lower section seemed to be in worse condition from the previous year - more loose gravel, loose rocks and ruts. Traction can be an issue. Up on the ridge line the overgrowth is becoming an issue. Toyota Prado Dec 25, 2012
23121 did track with NickJ during talbotville gathering 2012, was pretty steep but fairly easy Nissan Pathfinder Nov 16, 2012
1430 Did this track as part of the Talbotville 2012 5th Annual Gathering Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 15, 2012
5887 Nice views along Brewery and quite a long uneventful section. Went down South Basalt to Talbotville. Quite overgrown around the top (defintely pinstripe country) and very steep towards the bottom. Done with 4 GU Patrols (1 stock height).Careful wheel placement required especially without lift. Some tall steps in parts so be careful. Couple of nice shallow crossings at the bottom before Talbotville campsite to calm the nerves. Nissan Patrol Aug 25, 2012
17302 South Basalt Knob was the roughest track I tackled in this region. The lowest section is very steep, and a little rocky. The next section has a steep and very rocky hairpin, followed by rock steps. Used my front locker here but wouldn't say it's required. Awesome track. Toyota Prado Apr 26, 2011
10800 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 13, 2011
6015 Was dry when i came down South Bassalt, its alot fun nice and steep. Brewery creek is alot easier. Nissan Patrol Feb 11, 2010
5796 Toyota Prado Jan 12, 2010