Taralgar - Canyonleigh (via Swallowtail Pass Fire Trail)
About the Track
Track Description

Suitable for 4WD\'s only due to the Tarlo River crossing and some mud. The Swalltowtail Fire Trail trail is sign posted for 4WD vehicles only.

Please make sure you close the gates along the trail (there are 5-6 if I remember correctly).

Starting at Taralgar you head out of town on Bannaby Rd. When you reach Bannaby follow the sign to Marulan ... this will take you onto the Swallow Tail Pass Fire Trail.

The river crossing is straight forward (so long as it hasn\'t been raining) as there is a concrete causeway and the water is normally only a few centimeters deep across the causeway.

Continue onto Brayton Rd.  In Brayton you will come to a 5 way intersection ... take the left turn onto Canyonleigh Rd. This area also flooded in the last lot of heavy rains and closed the roads to all vehicles.

Just outside of Canyonleigh is another creek crossing (concrete causeway) which was dry when we went through.

Follow the road through Canyonleigh and it will bring out out on the Hume Highway at the start of the Illawarra Highway.

WARNING ... After heavy rain the are 4 places (Tarlo River crossing, Wollindilly River Crossing near Brayton, Canyonleigh Rd near Brayton, Creek crossing near Canyonleigh) which maybe closed due to flooding.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
59970 A nice easy track for any 4wd. A few short steep sections with a shallow water crossing, but nothing challenging. A bit greasy in the rain today. Some nice scenery to take in and there is a couple of nice spots to stop along the way for a picnic. Nissan Patrol Jul 12, 2015
47488 senic Toyota Landcruiser Mar 20, 2015
56250 Nice scenery, unsealed section mostly in very good condition. Sections of track near Tarlo River crossing (both downhill and uphill) relatively steep but easy to manoeuvre at slow speed and dry conditions. 50 metres of track before causeway was covered with muddy pool of water at depth of 10-20 cm. River level at concrete causeway was around 10 cm at the time. Toyota RAV4 Feb 7, 2015
42048 Holden Rodeo Jul 31, 2013
41767 Short, windy and hilly. An easy drive for the 4WD. Drops quickly to the beautiful Tarlo River Crossing. (Was about 3inchs deep today) then rises quickly again for the drive out. A very good Beginner Track. Mitsubishi Triton Jul 21, 2013
32492 Was a good drive with my girlfriend and 1 and a 1/2 yr old daughter. I did lower tyre pressures to 30psi an lock the hubs for comfort and safety. It was dry and dusty. The crossing was about a inch deep and a very easy drive. Mitsubishi Triton Sep 6, 2012
29186 Stunning drive. After quite heavy rain, so well flooded down at the ford crossing. Suggest parking up at the river crossing and heading up the creek for a walk. Public Holiday weekend and there was no other cars all the time we spent on the trail! Also suggest drive the entire historic route of Canyonleigh to Taralga. You can download the route and it's History from Upper Lachlan Shire website. LandRover Discovery Jun 10, 2012
22271 Nice drive with picturesque landscape. It was dry so was able to do the whole thing in 2wd without much fuss. Wet conditions would easily necessitate 4wd. Leave the gates as you find them. Daihatsu Feroza Oct 19, 2011
20291 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 8, 2011
12194 Ford Courier May 29, 2011
12401 No need to lock your hubs. A couple of nice spots by the river so we camped the night. very quiet. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 15, 2011
14540 As per the description ... the track was open again after the recent floods. Nissan Navara Jan 29, 2011
14101 Nice country drive with the kids. Plenty of opportunities to get out an smell the country ( cow manure) lol when opening and closing gates. Can imagin well maintained track become slippery with rain. If out there during heavy rain, the hardest part is the track up from taro river which could be fun if you get through the river that is. Simple dayout with the kids. Nice Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Dec 7, 2010