tianjara fire tail
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Track Description
this is worth the drive starts at braidwood road about 4km west from tianjara falls moves nicley thru undulating land with decent bush on either side of the road until we reach kangaroo hill , on our right is the head waters of the clyde river that feed to batemans bay and the land falls away in low heath type vegetation down to some spectacular valleys [bushwalking stuff],to the left is the start of a old navy bombing range so you best tread softly if you leave the track. A further 4km down the track we encountered some decent water holes on the track that required a little common sense to pass over and then the land just opened up with pigeon house mountain and the castle away in the sth west. The track then drops fairly steeply down onto a lower level plain with views to the east that took in jervis bay to the north and batemans bay to the south. We travelled a further 3 km were we cross a saddle and the land just fell away either side of the road ,water to the east deep valleys to the west ,great place for photos about a 1km from here on rock s thst look like there been cut away with a knife sone of the splits at least 10 mtrs deep on either side of the road, this is the end of this track and gows into the lands of porters creek dam.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
42048 Always a pleasant drive Holden Rodeo Jul 1, 2013
28735 Came at this from the Danjera dam end, but there is a locked gate so could not get onto the fire trail. Is the track also closed at the Braidwood Road end? Mitsubishi Pajero May 20, 2012
12401 Done this back in the 90ies from Danjera dam. it was loaded with massive pot holes and mud holes to swallow your truck. will have to check it out again sometime Toyota Landcruiser Nov 2, 2011
20258 Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 21, 2010
3046 I know you're not meant to but we started driving this in the wet, not heavy rain but light drizzle. by the time finished it was tipping down and couldnt see a thing. Do not do this track in the wet you'll rip the road apart Nissan Patrol Mar 25, 2010