Tom Groggin to Wheelers Hut via Mt Pinnibar
About the Track
Track Description

This track has been on the to do list for quite a while. Unfortunately, the weekend we went down it rained for the majority of the trip. Some 30mm of rain was received throughout the valley, making some of the clay covered climbs very slippery. The track is not advised to be traveled during the wet, but if you have a capable enough vehicle then it is definitely doable.

Apparently the views from Mount Pinnibar are quite beautiful and extensive, but for us it was just a white wash of sideways rain and passing cloud (see photo). After travelling for some 5 hours, we sought refuge in wheelers hut for the afternoon. We were supposed to loop back and do Mt Gibbo but it was jest to wet and miserable.

Going from the Tom Groggin camp ground (which has a pit toilet and lots of open camping areas) we made our way accross the river. After a short drive through some light scrub, you come to a left hand turn that takes you up a steep climb. For us, this was THE most difficult part of the track because it was quite muddy, and the clay filled our mud terrain tyres rather quickly. Only one vehicle needed to be snatched up the incline. Everyone else made it ok with either the right line and/or plenty of right foot.

There are lots of rocky steep climbs up to Mt Pinnibar, but nothing too difficult. The climb down from Mt Pinnibar into Wheelers Hut was extremely steep in some areas. Again, the slippery conditions had us all hanging on very tightly to our steering wheels.

Wheelers hut had 4 beds (two bunks) with some very rough foam mattresses. There was a cast wood fire at one end, a small table, mirror on the wall and a nice veranda. A pit toilet was located not too far away from the hut.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
36778 Suzuki Sierra Nov 14, 2013
17302 A very wet and freezing cold weekend. Tracks were a bit slippery but the 33" muddies do the trick. Toyota Prado Jun 8, 2013