Toolangi - Glenburn Track
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Track Description

Great track for a hard run, took 8 cars, 7 hours to complete. Track starts on marginal rd. Medium drive down to near the melba. About midway along track there is 3 lines to take. Left and right very steep with deep ruts but open sides, middle track very tight (expect pannel damage) All trucks had to winch up this section even on 36" simexes. After this just a muddy climb back to marginal rd. Ruts have become pretty deep

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
30456 one of the best tracks i have ever done!!! Nissan Patrol Apr 17, 2013
32053 Came down this track, glad I went down this track not up it. its rutted and can get a little tight with the steep sides on each side of the track at times. Jeep Wrangler Nov 9, 2012