Toolangi - Aeroplane track
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This is a revised version of the other entry here for aeroplane track.

As of November 2012, this is a VERY serious track. It has extreme amounts of mud, very steep ascents, very deep ruts. Would recommend that until track work is done to fix this, only go with a decent lift, 33" or better Mud tyres, winch and recovery 4wd for when you get stuck. Lokkas would be a massive advantage here.

Video does not even come close to doing it justice and was taken in 2011, all victorians know how much rain we have had since then.

Not a particularly long track but definitely walk this one before you begin or you might find yourself in a bit of strife when your half way though and cant turn around.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
45094 Raining it is a bunch of fun. 33's mt's will make it. Sliders recomended around big hole (side steps might not make it). At the moment winch nrrded in one place. Even though very wet and muddy tracktion is pretty good LandRover Range Rover May 9, 2015
45094 Had been raining. 35's Lockers and brick on the Gas did it easy. Have a well set up rig or you may have tyo winch in a spot or 2. Worth a crack LandRover Range Rover Feb 23, 2015
45827 Track was bone dry...but I still hugged the right on the way up. The "ruts" that make the main part of the track are now big enough to swallow the car. Walked up the "chicken" side with 31" BFG ATs and a +2" lift. No hassles at all. As I was super-dry though. Wouldn't even think about it in the wet. LandRover Defender Jan 25, 2015
45494 From the bottom in the wet would be very tricky up rutted section. Short track but fun Toyota Hilux Mar 23, 2014
39493 Its quite dry and very easy. With some muddies you can drive the whole thing no problems. Nissan Patrol Jan 5, 2014
38685 Drove this track on the 28.04.2013 and found it very easy. Nissan Patrol Apr 30, 2013
34795 Started from bottom, there was one section that was particularly greasy and slippery with some deep ruts on left. Can be avoided by hugging the right. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 27, 2013
39281 Nissan Patrol Apr 8, 2013
20062 Went down from mt Klondike and found it easy-medium with 33"s and lift. Done it before in July and it was in a similar condition to then. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 18, 2012
35770 Drove Today (10th Nov) pretty dry easy GU Ute 35;s. Not particularly rutted Nissan Patrol Nov 10, 2012