Undullah Road
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Track Description

Nice country road with a couple of easy creek crossings. Perfect for a quick trip with young kids with plenty of horses and cows to see. Can be done in a standard road car in the dry with caution.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
54451 Easy track Nissan Navara Dec 16, 2014
43885 Road closed between Wyatt Road and Kilmoylar Road Nissan Navara Aug 21, 2014
44117 tried it again after a good rain, not too bad. Great Wall x200 Nov 30, 2013
44117 Nice easy track to drive on. Watch out for random cows. No real creek crossings to speak of. Some nice hills on the country. Great Wall x200 Nov 2, 2013
35212 easy family drive, nice views, but rainy day when I went. some side tracks there as well. Nissan Navara Jul 17, 2013
39855 Nice drive, never went out of 2WD. Was hoping there'd be more water at the crossings after the rain earlier in the week, but wasn't. Be more fun during/just after rain. Nissan Pathfinder Jul 7, 2013
40523 Nice and easy run with a couple creek crossing. Volkswagon 4wd Jun 2, 2013
39988 Took the kids out for a bit of a Night drive :D It was fun, they had a ball :D Nissan Patrol May 24, 2013
34765 went on this track today good track to beuadesert very easy good for soft roaders theres a detour in place between wyatt rd and kimoyler rd as the the bridge is out... great drive about 30 km or so Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 30, 2012
33864 just went on this track at night good fun real easy Nissan Navara Sep 22, 2012
28826 Nice easy drive to get the kids used to driving on 'bumpy' roads. ( That's what my 3.5 year calls them ) Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 30, 2012
513 I have traveled over this road a few times this year and always a good trip. I have done this track when you had to open and close farm gets many years ago. It is a relaxing drive. Mitsubishi Challenger Jun 30, 2012