Upper Ormeau Hills Track
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This track isn\'t to bad for a couple of hours (play) or a whole day (serious).

It has various degrees of difficulty from medium accents/decents and creek crossings (cliff barrons rd) to steep climbs and challenging areas,to much for my suzi (shaws pocket rd and many of the tracks that branch off the cliff barrons road).

If in wet conditions? well i hav\'nt tried it yet (go in pairs).

The answer to the wet weather story, is that the steeper clay sections get very slipery when wet, take the more solid tracks with the shale or rock base to exit the area when raining, also some of the creeks are subject to flash flooding during very heavy down pours


Suttoh Update

track is still closed as of today 13/2/09 tried to get there but npws have it locked offdue to damage they say, anyway thought id post an update.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
41612 I had a chat to Dad yesterday who works at GCCC and he confirmed after a chat with the inspector that was there Sunday....The Ormeau track is closed, even the council marked "roads"/tracks. They have closed it due to too many illegal activities in the forest like dumping of stolen cars and rubbish. Essentially a few bad eggs have once again ruined it for everyone else. They have placed a few signs up in the past but within hours they are gone. They know there are no gates at Upper Ormeau Rd or Shaws Pockets Rd entrances and are looking to fix that. Either way it is illegal to go their and it's a hefty fine if found there. You may come across a Crime Stoppers GU telling people you can go there, just stay on the main track. This is incorrect and the police are fuming about it. Toyota Prado Sep 7, 2014
37329 Great Fun entered from Upper Coomera Rd. lot of the tracks have large exposed rocks, we exit out to Shaws Pocket Road Toyota Prado Aug 10, 2014
49345 Entry off Cliff Barrons Rd beside gate on a "bypass" track. Bit of a test for a beginner! Followed tracks around quarry. Variety of steep, rocky, rutted, smooth. Exited by quarry road. Just have to say the piles of household rubbish are a real letdown and real ammo for those who want to shut down access to these places! Those few who don't care ruin it for everyone who does :( :( Mitsubishi Triton Aug 10, 2014
41612 The entrance from Cliff Barrens Rd is closed. Locked Steel gate. You still get to the area through Shaws Pocket Rd though and seems legal. Just closed that part off likely due to having a house nearby and maybe the owner wanted to reduce 4WD and MotoX traffic. Toyota Prado Aug 3, 2014
27271 Nissan Patrol Jul 23, 2014
44767 Very good drive. Some challenges, make it as difficult as you like. Spent a couple of hrs there and did not see another car or person. LandRover Discovery Jan 2, 2014
3197 Nice spot to play for a few hours & some nice climbs but driving the creek was a highlight.. Nissan Patrol May 7, 2011
14762 very slippery at peachy rd side, very washed out in parts but great fun. dnt go if are u not registered or insured, cops on trail bike out there now. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 8, 2011
14821 Driving over a flipped f truck was different Toyota Hilux Surf Nov 20, 2010
10804 good fun but it was dry.. nice family day out ... Holden Rodeo Sep 26, 2010
18180 large rocks ruts and steep hills not recommended for standard cars, rangers and cops out there recently (july 2011) asked a seccy and he said ok if we stay on the main track, decent creek run can be done in a bog standard car but expect damage winch is a good idea as snatching over rocks isnt fun Nissan Patrol
4102 Nissan Patrol Apr 17, 2009
1801 Went exploring Sunday. Lots of fun. Do not attempt some tracks if you do not want any damage to your vehicle. Some easy, some medium, some seriously hard. 5 hour creek is not for the faint hearted. Jeep Wrangler Oct 5, 2008
1693 went to the hills on the weekend .. god damm not for the girlsss.. hairy shit out there , loose rocks big hills , big ruts .. just crazy 4x4 action.. 3 hours and i think we even seen half of it... Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 29, 2008
1693 having to go there Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 17, 2008