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Barralow is only a short drive of about 18km from one end to the other and is one of only a couple of 4WD trails still open on the eastern side of the Blue Mountains National Park. Access to the Burralow camp ground is via Burralow Road at Kurrajong Heights or Via Pattersons Range Fire Trail if coming in from the Bilpin end. This is quite an easy trail but could become a little more difficult if it is wet, and in fact National Parks will lock the gates to the area if it becomes too wet. More info about Burralow can be found at the National Parks web side. This trail is suitable for trailers particularly if coming in from the western side.

CB768 Update:

I headed down to the camp site from Bilpin end on Saturday 13th June and plan was to head along the fire trail from near the camp site to Kurrajong Hieghts, however, it seems that there has been a gate installed on the trail since i was last there in february 



I Attempted this trail today.

there was a locked gate on the Burralow  fire trail about 30m up the hill where the  fire trail meats the main road in from the Patterson range just after the bridge.

So I had to go out the same way I came in.


PhillipK Update:

01 August 2009. Was recently graded and very smooth. We saw front wheel drive Camry\'s down there. Just watch the troughs cut across the tracks to control water run off. If you approach square on you risk nose diving if you have lower ground clearance at the nose. Slight angular approach and  most cars will get down there. I\'d imagine a few rains over following months will see ruts again. Nice scenery and very easy to drive at least for now. 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
56757 Took my Wrangler out here for our first off-road experience with the kids and it was brilliant! Not difficult at all with a few puddles thrown in here and there to drive through and get your car all dirty. Highly recommended for any beginner. Also worth a look at is all the fruit picking farms on Bells Of Lines Rd. An excellent day out. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Feb 7, 2015
55131 I went to this track today and it is a perfect track for beginners/intermediate. also the picnic area was very quite and relaxing. no trouble 4x4ing in this track. Jeep Cherokee Jan 3, 2015
40449 Comfortable and easy trek Subaru Outback Dec 22, 2014
43400 Nice n easy which is good for me as I'm just starting out in the 4x4 world Toyota Hilux Sep 29, 2013
42990 Very easy track. More fun going in and out via Burralow Rd. Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 15, 2013
38690 Came in from Bilpin exited via Kurrajong. Well maintained track very easy drive. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 8, 2013
19921 Very easy track. Gates were open both ends. Didn't engage 4WD, but you would need a bit of clearance due to the ruts. Toyota Landcruiser Aug 3, 2013
38113 Very easy cruise, gates were open Subaru Forester Jul 25, 2013
35281 Entered from Kurrajong Heights end, got down to bridge but blocked off from there. Pretty well graded and easy. Went around to other entrance and track is locked, found some small side tracks servicing the power lines, had a bit of fun there. Subaru Forester Dec 5, 2012
35123 Very Nice Camp! Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 12, 2012
5481 went up to look at the camp site with some mates found gates locked both ends due to bad weather Nissan Patrol Jul 1, 2012
27540 Gates locked at both ends despite numerous attempts to drive this one. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 29, 2012
21260 Easy access, but only available from Patterson Range entry; Burralow Rd access at kurrajong Heights is closed. Audi All Road Sep 19, 2011
21260 There is also good Telstra mobile coverage (I´m submitting this update via my phone from the campsite). Accessed camping area in Audi Q7 not Allroad... Audi All Road Sep 19, 2011
19018 Quite an easy track even for a beginner like me. Some sections were more fun than others. Great camping area. Subaru Forester May 22, 2011
15764 Camped Burralow at least 20 times. Great camping spot to take friends they dont normally go camping. There is a toilet. The walk to the glow worms is easy and good fun. Went down there last about 2 weeks ago. Track from Kurrajong Heights to the camping ground is getting pretty bad. From the camp site to Bilpin is fine. But they regualary fix this track so wont be long till they grade it. Isuzu D Max Feb 18, 2011
55128 Nice easy track to reccomend to novice 4x4s Toyota Landcruiser Jan 2, 2011
23091 Toyota 4Runner Aug 19, 2010
14269 Easy trip for this novice. I remember taking a Mitsubishi Colt down there in the 90s. The camping area has been upgraded but the roads a lot rougher now. The rain over the last month wouldn't have helped. Had the place to myself. Very peaceful. Toyota Prado Dec 17, 2010
12401 Did it all in 2wd. softies would like it.. camped the night and was very peaceful. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 13, 2010
6487 nice easy track 2wd on way down. no gates closed spoke to ranger informed gates only closed after rain. little high range and low range driving out other side. hope to go camping up there in sept. Nissan Patrol Aug 8, 2010
17302 Easy tracks. The eastern entrance is slightly nicer due to rainforest vegetation. Toyota Prado Aug 3, 2010
11843 easy LandRover Defender Jun 27, 2010
12455 suitable for mini mokes onwards :) Nissan Patrol Jun 14, 2010
11451 Leisurely drive. No gates were closed, may depend on the weather. Toyota Hilux Jun 5, 2010
11297 Nice easy trip - few steep rutty bits on each side of valley. great day - Ahhhh the serenity! Jeep Wrangler May 17, 2010
10837 Came in from Bilpin end. Was rutty and rocky quite easy even for newbie like myself. Got down to camp ground and rest of track closed by a gate, so unable to continue on. Ventured out the Kurrajong end way. Much the same as the way we entered perhaps a little easier. Still an enjoyable drive, would definitely recommend to any other newbie. Nissan Navara Apr 8, 2010
4309 Very easy track, some small washed out ruts Nissan Pathfinder Nov 29, 2009
6293 Nice and easy. Washed out a bit in spots Toyota Landcruiser Nov 29, 2009
4489 Well maintained road, very senic drive Jeep Wrangler Oct 10, 2009
4201 Pretty good fun. Took my two young sons out so wasn't looking for the tough stuff. Probably a top place to take the suburban 4wd's(like mine) out to. Toyota Hilux May 2, 2009
4013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Apr 12, 2009
3046 Pretty easy for a beginner, road is in good condition with a very scenic drop down to the campsite from kurrajong heights Nissan Patrol Feb 1, 2009
2598 also in the mates runner easy as track good for beginners Toyota Landcruiser Dec 3, 2008
929 rocky and steep in parts. nice campsite with hidden falls at burralow Toyota Landcruiser Apr 29, 2008