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This is basically a playground for 4x4\'s, motorbikes and most things with 4 wheels.

There are some quite challenging sections but the good part is that you can choose to take these or not :)

Will upload pics soon


be careful of the guy that lives on the corner of princes st & old windsor rd, he quite often comes out with a loaded shotgun! may just be blanks but he was firing at us because we were \"destroying the earth\" lol

Photos provided by mylux

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
14288 shame the area is so filthy Toyota Landcruiser
50518 Good track for beginners (like me). First time off road and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d go here again to get more experience. Only down side, bit of rubbish around watch out for glass bottles. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 14, 2014
48033 Alot of it now is a construction site. Can still drive around the side to get to whats left. Very said its going Mitsubishi Challenger Jul 1, 2014
50380 First time off road had a bit of fun will be going back to try some of the harder sections Toyota Landcruiser Jul 6, 2014
49501 Drive these most days as These are just mostly roads with no tarmac right near my house. Not really interesting. Nor a track. They're roads, love someone flagged these as a track though. lol Subaru Forester Jun 11, 2014
47772 its a good track. good for practice. but there are a lot of rubbish been dumped near the entrance. Toyota Prado May 4, 2014
48033 Good open track, Multiple tracks can be used, So its good for a beginner as hard obstacles can be avoided. Honda CRV Apr 19, 2014
35123 Good fun. But lots of Rubbish! Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 15, 2013
35123 Good fun. But lots of Rubbish! Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 15, 2013
40887 LandRover Discovery Jul 9, 2013
39696 Did this track on June long weekend had a great time Nice and close to do after work the fj did it with eaz Toyota FJ Cruiser Jun 27, 2013
13243 Great fun, good test ground. Went to test the winch today and found the army doing some training there. Also, some of the area has been cut off by a squatter who believes the land is his. Lots of rubbish, but not problems driving around the area still available. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited May 7, 2013
35281 Have been here a couple of times, both dry and wet. Is great fun, suitable for all levels of ability. Subaru Forester Jan 28, 2013
33462 Some nice tricky spots, plenty to practice on. Didn't push it too much as didn't have another 4wd with me to pull me out if I got stuck. As everyone else has said far too much rubbish. Mitsubishi Challenger Sep 15, 2012
29558 went out the other weekend got bogged thank god for snatch straps lol Nissan Navara Jun 30, 2012
28689 My first time here. Awesome playground for 4wd's after some rain. Not too difficult and plenty of places to go around tricky spots. Great Wall x240 Jun 9, 2012
48463 Rubbish everywhere, but good playground Toyota 4Runner Jan 26, 2012
25347 not a bad playground took my 2 and a half year old son out here and he loved it.... just have to be careful of sone of the bog holes i have flooded my previous car a few times here... it is a giant shame about all the rubish i think if the council cleaned it up it would be a nice place to go.... as for the shotgun weilding bumkin i have been out there countless times and have never seen him... all in all a great place to test out a new 4x4 or to kill time.... Nissan Patrol Jan 23, 2012
23865 absolutly disgusting. i will not be going back there Toyota 4Runner Jan 4, 2012
24238 Just went out and had a bit of fun with my friend in a stock JK. We had a bit of fun in the mudpits but didn't go into any of the deep deep deep pits as there may have been rubbish dumped in them. Went in through the Hobart St entrance and straight away confronted with a whole bunch of rubbish. It is a shame that there are dirtbags out there that do stuff like that!! On a lighter note, didn't see any angry men with guns, which is always a plus... All in all, was a bit of fun, will go back when there is a bit more light. Jeep Cherokee Dec 9, 2011
22793 Rubbish dumped every were, if your into mud pits its the place to go. Toyota 4Runner Nov 13, 2011
16544 if you want to play in mud this is the place to go many a mud hole some deep some shallow and some will make your car dissapear... lots of tracks around the place just keep eye out for rubbish piles around the place. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 21, 2011
18766 went out for a bit of a look and had a ball! would not attempt the bog hole or one or two of the puddles without the right gear as they look a bit nasty! p.s take a spare coz the rubbish in there is crazy!! Toyota Hilux May 15, 2011
18257 Good fun to spend a couple of hours after work. Some decent puddles of mud to wallow around in as well. Ford Ranger May 10, 2011
16526 Went out there on Sunday. First time for my 4WD and for me driving my own. Had alot of fun in the mud. Gotta be careful with some of the water bits as theres all sorts of stuff swimming around... good place all round though and didnt see any guys with shotguns :) Mitsubishi Challenger Apr 20, 2011
17933 Not bad, i was told about it by a mate so out came google earth and bingo what i suprise it is quit big and heaps of thing to explore all in all dispite the rubbish it is a good track if the rubbosh keeps getting dumped i would dare say we will loose it and it will get gated up like most places close to the city Toyota Hilux Apr 19, 2011
17871 great fun did it today a guy did come out with a shotgun so that was freaky some dood holes but the rubbish is a big problem Toyota Hilux Apr 16, 2011
15764 This is my playground on the way to and from work. Go throuh here most days for a little fun. You can spend alot more time in there if you wanted though. There are easy and hard tracks. But you get the option on which to take. Have fun the the big MUD HOLES :). Isuzu D Max Feb 23, 2011
14291 Nissan Pathfinder Jan 9, 2011
14203 Toyota Hilux Dec 13, 2010
13733 pretty good except mud hole. near the power line. Toyota Prado Nov 11, 2010
11655 Went out for a bit of a play here yesterday afternoon. Good spot for someone relatively new to 4wd'ing to explore some tracks and see what they can do - being close to home is a massive bonus. Will definitely be more confident behind the wheel in future when I'm out on some "real" tracks.. Toyota Hilux Sep 25, 2010
13127 Went out on the track for a few hours with 2 other cars had no trouble with getting in there are 3 entrances if you are concerned about the guy that lives on the corner take the on before the servo allthough we did not see him. Few good mud puddles deep in some spots few different types of tracks good for a day out to play. by about 1 there were alot of trail bikes out that you have to be careful of good area but as mention by others shame about all of the rubbish. Not to hard completed it all on a frontera with 31's and 2" lift Have some pics i'll try upload if i can find how Holden Frontera Sep 19, 2010
12892 went out there yesterday had an awesome day, heaps of space and some nice deep mud holes, got the car on three wheels a few times, great fun! Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 13, 2010
12892 good fun Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 10, 2010
12656 good track every time i go i find something new good for bikes aswell recomend it Toyota Hilux Surf Sep 7, 2010
12656 good track every time i go i find something new good for bikes aswell recomend it Toyota Hilux Surf Sep 7, 2010
12130 Had a ball out there today... Some losers there with Mum & Dads 4by and red P's being just idiots. But plenty of room to get away from them. Some nice mudholes, lots of fun. just a shame about the rubbish everywhere. OH, and on a side note, got a rock through the sidewall LH rear on my way out..... DAMN.... 30 minutes of my life I will never get back and $400 replacement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH welllllllll............ Life is like that hey??? LandRover Discovery Aug 22, 2010
12087 good track. must go!!!!!! i went there at 9pm and spend few hours in there..... better to go with min 2 vehicle if you are going at night time. It has few easy track also some moderate to hard area but can be avoided by taking alternative route. i will go back again during the day time and update some picture. Toyota Landcruiser Jul 16, 2010
10811 LandRover Range Rover Jul 4, 2010
10367 nothing special, cops don't like it when you drive in there tho! Poor fella couldn't follow me through the bush. Nissan Patrol Jun 15, 2010
10003 Had been pouring down rain for the last several days, so i thought id head out here for my first experience in mud. Was an awesome playground, there were at least 20 other 4x4s out and about in the area. This place has anything to suit the needs of all levels of ability. Daihatsu Feroza Feb 7, 2010
9978 31/1/10 great day of 4wd for the first time in my GQ. had a ball with lots of mud and some challenging climbs and decents. saw the guy and his wife with the alleged gun but they just waived as we drove by quietly. all in all a great day out ! BGH Nissan Patrol Jan 31, 2010
6861 Good track for beginners like me, had heeps of fun, good puddles and lots of side tacks if you don't want to take the big dips!. shame about all the rubbish though... probably why the guys out there with the shotgun, didn't see him though lol Nissan Navara Jan 11, 2010
6870 Not bad after some decent rain for some mud, pretty easy...good for a beginner or testing your new 4x4. Toyota Hilux Dec 26, 2009
3655 Great fun took the kids spent a couple of hours getting mud on the roof the kids thought it was great it is a fun playground close to home shame about the scumbags who dump there rubbish there. Nissan Patrol Oct 18, 2009
4674 Went in my subaru brumby, been here plenty of times in all sorts of cars... pretty easy - No 4WD yet May 23, 2009
4201 Had a bit of a play. Nothing overly challenging but still good fun. A bit of muddy water around so got a couple of photos, will post soon. Toyota Hilux May 16, 2009
4201 Just stuck my nose in this afternoon. Will definitely be back for more exploring. Toyota Hilux May 3, 2009
1301 Got well and truly stuck in one of the deeper holes crossing the creek and had to snatch it out with my mates patrol, really dirty weekend. Toyota Prado Apr 27, 2009
2962 Looks stupid from the pictures, however, it's close to home i'll check it out and post back. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 23, 2008
2598 good playground gr8 fun with the toys as well Toyota Landcruiser Dec 3, 2008
1276 Have to go there for a full day to enjoy all Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 16, 2008