Wandilagong - Harrietville Track
About the Track
Track Description

Driving away from bright and past wandiligong the road will go from sealed to gravel. Allow about an hour to do this track an be sure to take a map or gps with you. The track does split at points and although the track names are posted (cant remember correct names) they do not tell you where you are going or what to expect.

I went around easter time and there were a couple of river crossings only about 10m wide and up to the hubs, these may be significant curing winter however. The track is rather easy except for a 500m long area of very steep ascent. I engaged low range 1st gear for one particular section to ensure I made it although my car is a little down on power.

There are a couple of additional side trails which offer rather intense climbs and descents which leave and then re-join the track again after the main climb of the track.

The bright website says that many local tracks are closed during winter and I am not sure of the actual dates when this is open other than easter.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52715 wandy - No 4WD yet Oct 1, 2014
12194 Ford Courier Apr 11, 2012