Warburton- Summer Spur track
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Great fun little track, lots of whoop de doo's and some good little boggy parts. except for 2 parts I think this track would be easy for a lot of people to do at least in the dry. The track I have seen on youtube in the wet looks very very fun! We had 33 muddies and 33 A/Ts both with 2 inch lift.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
30620 Completed 3/4 of this one on the weekend. Despite the lack of rain over the past weeks this track was slippery!!!. I am only running Yokohama all terrains and 32s on the 02 Paj. Got almost to the top and before attempting the really hard rutty bit we decided to turn around. I wouldn't attempt the top section without a good amount of clearance and mud terrains... and a winch. So close, yet so far. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 2, 2013
17104 medium-hard, very slippery, completed in 95 pajero with 31" Federal Couragia m/t and a front locker. had to winch through a section of about 30 metres due to ruts. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 11, 2012
24274 Nissan Patrol May 12, 2012