Wesburn- Britannia Creek track
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What a great challenging track! This track took us 4 hours to complete, The track consists of huge ruts at one end of the track, which in the dry is easily driven, in the wet it would be extremely difficult. After these huge ruts it then goes to a huge bog hole that you can go around but it has a drop off on one side and a massive bog hole on the other. further down the road there is a big rutted boggy area can go around it but if you do go through you may need to winch out. the next section of the track is 3 massive bog holes there is no chicken one either if you commit you need to winch out although if you had diff locks and 35-37 you might be fine. We needed to be winch out with 33 way to small. The next bog hole is also very big its a challenge, 33 and a inch lift on a Patrol wont get you through. We where lucky we had some guys help pull us out. This track you need a winch for sure and at least 35 or a very nimble 4x4.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
46910 Overall a pretty easy track. The most difficult section is at the start where there is a muddy rutty section followed by a deep bog hole, luckily this is all on flat ground! 2 cruisers with 2" lift and 33" muddies got through without a problem except for a bit of reversing in the bog hole to have another attempt. It's a great track to drive even after a bit of rain when we had a go at it! Toyota Landcruiser Mar 23, 2014
46910 This track must have had some work done to it in recent times as there are no massive near impossible bog holes to pass, sure it's more challenging after some rain but nothing impossible Toyota Landcruiser Mar 23, 2014
45094 Great Fun recent rain made it great LandRover Range Rover Dec 26, 2013
35467 Mitsubishi Triton Oct 20, 2013
30397 Fantastic 4x4 area. Britannia track itself can be completed no problems at all however there are some VERY challenging tracks off to the side. I found myself halfway down an EXTREMELY slippery clay track at one point and it took me about 30 minutes to winch and power my way back up a hill that was only 200m total. Many of the more difficult tracks were closed (2nd august) however there was still a full days worth or more of solid 4x4 action to be had. Note, this is also a logging track, so during the week keep an eye and ear out for the big boys coming the other way. The areas of high traffic are signed. Highly recommended. Toyota 4Runner Aug 5, 2012
24274 great track, wouldnt attempt without a winch or any tyres smaller than 33"s Nissan Patrol May 12, 2012