White Star Track
About the Track
Track Description

White Star Track runs between McEvoys Track and Donellys Creek Track near O\'Tooles and Thompson Dam.

The track has a number of steep ascents and descents with loose rock and shale.

A shallow river crossing at the Donellys Creek Track end, never much above mid wheel depth.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
36771 Good nick. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 27, 2015
11056 Nissan Patrol Jan 26, 2015
28798 Nissan Patrol Mar 25, 2013
13393 Toyota Hilux Aug 24, 2011
18791 This track is over grown in sections and is steep in sections. There is a large tree blocking the track and is very over grown, no one has gone through for a long time. Not much room to turn around. This is a dead end. Nissan Patrol Jul 3, 2011
11541 Toyota Hilux Surf Oct 12, 2008
11541 Toyota Hilux Surf Oct 12, 2008