Wombat State Forest - XL Link Trk
About the Track
Track Description

Great track when its been raining alot as there are some big bog holes there. minium 2\"lift needed for the Mud holes and it can get pretty pretty sticky with the clay there.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
50023 In the wet and in the mud in a stock disco 4. No problems whatsoever. A few times lost a bit of traction but nothing major. LandRover Discovery Jul 6, 2014
25971 All stock, no modifications. Good water crossing, long incline towards the end and some road building to get over a fallen tree. Nice track! Jeep Grand Cherokee May 22, 2012
11056 Big Rutts Nissan Patrol May 3, 2010
2571 Toyota Hilux Jun 9, 2007