Wonnerup Inlet - Beach Access Track
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Moderate beach access point, a highly used track as it is the closest to Busselton. The sand can vary hugely, from very soft and deep in summer to hard pack. Do deflate tires to 20psi or lower if traveling to the mouth of the inlet as the sand becomes very soft. Wheel ruts on the way in can be deeper than expected, but with enough speed easily negotiable. In winter watch for weed banks hidden under the sand. Travel north along the beach to reach the Wonnerup Inlet, and further to Forrest Beach. Crossing the mouth of the river can be difficult and deep, depending on weather and time of year. Boat launching is possible anywhere along this stretch of beach. Camping, fires and traveling more than 500m from the entry point are against the law here. Perfect as a day trip to the beach if holidaying in Busselton.

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