Wyoming - Chamberlain Road
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Track Description

Short fire trail from one section of Chamberlain Road to the other. There is a small oval in between that is used as a track by dirt bikes.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
25188 thought this could be a fun little track to test the stock px ranger out on coming from the lisarow side first section was coming down fairly easy, second section was too steep for stock height and tyres so i turned around and went back up the first section with the 4x4 low engaged and the rear diff locked it was still a little tricky for a moderate track and completing it would require modification Ford Ranger Apr 10, 2015
45566 took this track from the lisarow end. Recent rain has eating the track away to the point my stock nav was struggling for wheel travel. Mid section of the decent would require a truck with lift and wheel travel to pass down it. Had to turn round and go back up the hill Nissan Navara Jan 11, 2014
44162 Easy enough little bit of fun, came down from the lisarow end only to find it's been blocked off by sandstone blocks from the wyoming end. Bit of a neggy end to a good little track Toyota 4Runner Nov 5, 2013
40236 Took the track from the Lisarow side, intending on making our way home via this track. Quite fun and a little challenging for a newbie, but we made our way down the track slowly. It was a little muddy when we drove it, and discovered that there was only the one way in & out due to large concrete blocks placed at the Wyoming end which meant we needed to make our way back up the hill. Fortunately we made it, although I was going through a list of people I would be able to call if we couldn't make it out. Always pays to travel with others. Toyota Prado Aug 15, 2013
27390 Very short steep little track coming from Lisarow side. Crossing little creek at the bottom needed abit of rear clearance as towbar dragged. Quick little short cut to Wyoming Ford Ranger May 10, 2012
11146 LandRover Discovery May 4, 2010
4313 very short easy drive a quick way to cut through to lisarow if you have a fourby Jeep Cherokee Mar 16, 2010