Zig Zag to Lithgow the long way
About the Track
Track Description

This track will take you from the Zig Zag Railways Clarance Station to Lithgow the long way. Ok, yes you could just take the Bells line of road, but what fun would there be in that? This route takes lots of tracks and trails and will take you approx 180 KM to do it.

 Now a little warning here. The weather can change very quickly here and you should pack plenty of warm clothing with you.

The track takes you to many places including the Zig Zag Railway, the Glow Worm Tunnel, Lost City, Sunny Side Ridge, Black Fellows Hands, Baal Bone Gap and Long Swamp before hitting the black top to end back in Lithgow near McDonalds. This would make a nice overnight trip. There are many worth while side trips off these main tracks shown but this would and most likely would increase the difficulty significantly so be warned.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
30877 Great 2 day trip awesome side tracks did not complete but will return good camping grounds glow worms are a must power lines trail was good fun wombat holes also Mazda BT-50 Oct 6, 2013
35281 Great fun all around Zig Zag. Did Blackfellows Hands, Lost City, Glow Worm and other tracks here and there. Camped out at Newnes, great camping spot! Subaru Forester Dec 8, 2012
38808 Great fun, always good up the top of the blueys Toyota Hilux Nov 3, 2012
27390 Did Zig Zag to Glow Worm tunnel and back tracked to Lithgow. Was some fun side tracks that tested the clearance with some decent ruts to get through. Road was being grated and rolled but last 3 km to glow worms was pretty rough and slow going. Fun drive though Ford Ranger May 7, 2012
21151 Great day trip...did this passing through on the way to mates farm. Toyota Hilux Apr 14, 2012
17302 The Ben Bullen area can be quite muddy in wet seasons, potentially impassible without winches. So it's best to avoid if there's been rain recently. In this area there's also two very short but medium/difficult rocky climbs, which will test both car and driver. Toyota Prado Mar 4, 2012
25004 Did not end up completing much of it. only one section, was a great day would definitely go again Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Oct 16, 2011
20291 Toyota Landcruiser Jul 8, 2011
13757 Well, I dodn't do a whole track but it is nice place and perfect gps data. Toyota Prado Nov 20, 2010
12401 Many tracks here to explore Toyota Landcruiser Oct 1, 2010
13112 Did the first half in one day, lost city, glowworm, black hand fellows, and baal bone. If you skip the glowworm tunnel, you could probably do the return in the same day as well. Baal Bone Gap is quite an interesting trail LandRover Range Rover Oct 3, 2010
12276 Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 29, 2010
5020 The lost city Suzuki Grand Vitara Oct 4, 2009
5516 Nissan Patrol Aug 31, 2009
10367 A bit of fun, i was there when all the trucks were standard in our group! Would love to get back there! Nissan Patrol Aug 7, 2009
5477 Toyota Prado Jul 28, 2009
1175 zig zag Jeep Cherokee Jul 11, 2009
4631 Ford Explorer May 23, 2009
4364 Daihatsu Scat Apr 29, 2009
3046 What a great drive. Drove from the zig zag up to the lost city, along black fellows hand track, saw the cave art. Along to Newnes and then back to Lithgow via the Baal Bone Gap. Road conditions over Baal bone have deteriorated over the past year and its a bit of a rough climb up on to the plateau. Greeat day out Nissan Patrol Mar 22, 2009
670 Great Track - Lots of things to look at. Nissan Patrol Jan 4, 2009
5878 Toyota Hilux Dec 26, 2008
2962 Josh was here! Loved it! Cant wait to go again! Thanks Stilllooking, best GPS data ive seen here yet! I have GPS data for here, but it looks as though you've already covered most of it! Whatcha stilllooking for exactly? Toyota Landcruiser Dec 23, 2008
4735 Nissan Patrol
5946 Zig Zag, Lost City, Glow Worm Tunnel, Jeep Wrangler Aug 11, 2007
1635 Used these tracks for access for Canyoning. Had a lot of fun finding the hardest way to get to where I wanted to be. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 5, 1999
17457 Nissan Patrol