Zig-Zag, Turon, Dixons Long Point, Mt Lambie Day1
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This is a trip which can be done over 2 days and includes an overnight at Upper Turon. As this trip crosses a fairly wide river with a very rocky bottom I\'d offer a word or two of advice as to the types of vehicles that this trip is suitable for. While I like the Ford Territory as a vehicle, even off road, they and similar vehicles are really not going to do very well at all here. In fact I\'d suggest that they would not make it across the Macquarie and an attempt to do so may result in getting wet, stranded and frustrated by the laughter of your insurance company, who never laugh with you. This said most of the vehicles that look like a 4WD and not a station wagon should not have an issue. For those who are not comfortable attempting the river crossing, remember \"Discretion is the better part of valour\", take the alternate day one trip and stay by the river. Next day head to Sofala and Hill End returning out via Sofala and South to Bathurst unless the Bridal Track gets re-opened in which case there\'s no argument as to how to head out. Accommodation is available in the area however this trip is based on a BYO everything. OK So here\'s a suggested itinerary for Day 1 of this trip:

Day 1: Kicking off from the Zig-Zag Railway at Clarence around 09:00 heading north to Blackfellows Hand Trail. To complete this track without rushing while including a cuppa and a 20 minute stop at the bottom of the track at Black Fellows Hand Cave we found ourselves at the Wolgan Road in under 2 hours. Turning South on the Wolgan Road you have a very brief bit of bitumen before once more heading off on the dirt this time into the Ben Bullen State Forest and the Gardens of Stone National Park.

This section of the trip to the Castlereagh Highway took us a little under 2 hours including having to break out the chain saw to clear a fallen tree from the track, something which I assure you is not a regular occurrence and was more related to the recent rains rather than natural attrition.

As well as the spectacular surroundings as you drive through the rainforest there is a must stop photo opportunity on a cliff top overlooking the Wolgan Valley, don\'t worry it\'s marked in the waypoints, and it would make a great location for lunch though we did choose to hold off till we hit the Capertee Pub. Exiting onto the Castlereagh Highway we head north to Capertee, which as mentioned above makes a great lunch stop with food and fuel available.

North of Capertee we turn off towards Turon Gates and head west towards Sofala, and our suggested camp at the Turon River. As far as four wheel driving goes this is a very easy trip and most of it could be described as a pleasant drive in the country except for the final few kilometres to the campsite which will need a little more clearance and traction but nothing outside of the abilities of even the tamest 4X4 and the run in from Capertee to the campsite should take around the 50 minute mark.

We have in the past had a 4X2 ute come with us to the campsite and while he had the clearance and traction to get down to the site he didn\'t have the traction to get back up. Fortunately, there were vehicles with traction and snatch straps to remedy the situation. Trip full details here If you try this trip and find it enjoyable, or simply have questions about it, please feel free to contact us as we\'d be happy to hear from you.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
45363 We did most of this track. There is a very steep section in the Gardens of Stone that is quite difficult (doing the track in reverse). Amazing scenery! Jeep Wrangler Jul 20, 2014
24279 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 25, 2014
17917 Not challenging but highly recommended for the scenery alone. LandRover Defender Mar 29, 2013
35887 Nissan Patrol Nov 16, 2012
12671 Did this track the opposite way, the rock face in the gardens of stone required a bit of winching but otherwise OK Toyota Landcruiser Oct 31, 2012
17332 Did this and left the evidence here. Nissan Patrol Feb 5, 2011