Zig-Zag, Turon, Dixons Long Point, Mt Lambie Day 2
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This is a trip which can be done over 2 days and includes an overnight at Upper Turon. As this trip crosses a fairly wide river with a very rocky bottom I\'d offer a word or two of advice as to the types of vehicles that this trip is suitable for. While I like the Ford Territory as a vehicle, even off road, they and similar vehicles are really not going to do very well at all here.

In fact I\'d suggest that they would not make it across the Macquarie and an attempt to do so may result in getting wet, stranded and frustrated by the laughter of your insurance company, who never laugh with you.

This said most of the vehicles that look like a 4WD and not a station wagon should not have an issue. For those who are not comfortable attempting the river crossing, remember \"Discretion is the better part of valour\", take the alternate day one trip and stay by the river. Next day head to Sofala and Hill End returning out via Sofala and South to Bathurst unless the Bridal Track gets re-opened in which case there\'s no argument as to how to head out. Accommodation is available in the area however this trip is based on a BYO everything. OK So here\'s a suggested itinerary for Day 2 of this trip:

Day 2: No rush to get going this morning as a relaxed run from the campsite to Hill End is around 1 hour 40 minuets so leaving at 10:30 will see you there in time for the opening of lunch at the Royal Hotel in Hill End. The Royal offers simple food as well as having a Chinese menu to choose from and given the location the price isn\'t to bad either. After lunch we head north from Hill End to the small village of Tambaroora before heading west to Dixon\'s Long Point around half an hour away. If you enjoyed the country roads around the Turon then you\'ll be in for more of the same with some spectacular views down to the Macquarie River which you\'ll be crossing.

The crossing itself has a rocky bottom and a gentle flow however, as always if in doubt walk it first. The climb out of the river is not as steep as the one entering, the profile of this section is here for reference, and if you made it across the river than the climb should not be an issue at all. An hour and a half later should see you at the Ophir Reserve which is an old gold mining area and is a great place to stop for afternoon tea and maybe a walk around the place, even a look in some of the disused mine tunnels. Leaving Ophir for Bathurst will see you ready for dinner at Mt Lambie, or feel free to continue to Lithgow in around one hour forty minutes.

Trip full details here If you try this trip and find it enjoyable, or simply have questions about it, please feel free to contact us as we\'d be happy to hear from you.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
13822 Did the section from Hill End through to Bathurst via Dixons Long Point. Another dry dusty very easy trail. Great views and Macquarie river was easily navigated. Stopped at the river for lunch, would make a great campsite although a little windy. Roads through Ophir to Bathurst were dry and no issues yet again. Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 6, 2014
24279 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 25, 2014
42214 Toyota Prado Aug 24, 2013
26113 Easy track. Macquarie River crossing was in good condition and about 1/2 to 3/4 wheel height deep. Nissan Xtrail May 21, 2012
17332 Did this and left the evidence here. Nissan Patrol Feb 6, 2011