Zigzags - Wollemi Newnes Gardens of Stone
About the Track
Track Description

A variety of tracks to suit all skills can be found from the Zigzags.

Popular with all types of users with walkers, cars, bikes and 4WDs.

Well-formed gravel roads to the major locations of Newnes and Glowworm tunnel. Varying levels of difficulty to suit all abilities can be found. If going far from the main roads, ensure you have suitable communications and recovery equipment.


Davosadag Update:

Did the Glowworm tunnel and Lost City on the 12/7/09.

There had been rain in the area so the track was mainly dry- hard but in dips or parts of the roads in shadow from the trees it was quite wet and pot-holed, so caution needs to be taken when approaching these areas. Minor corrugations in the last 5kms of logging track to Glowworm.

Last time I was there (about 10 years ago) you could drive right up to the rocks at the lost city- now they have boulders at the top of the track just before the descent. This seems a wise move as I would say in the wet some cars may not be able to get back up.

Thanks to the people who had posted GPS co-ords, I felt so much better knowing I had them in my GPS rather than trust my memory from 10 years ago- and yes I would have got lost!!!!


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
17457 good fun track, camped a few times, and seen morons trying to get through in the dark, 10pm at night, in stock standard AWD's, LOST! gave us a good laugh. Nissan Patrol
26988 Toyota FJ Cruiser Jul 21, 2014
46755 Holden Colorado Jul 3, 2014
40968 Main raods far condition. some are washed out in places and some good pot holes. Side tracks good fun as always Nissan Pathfinder Jul 11, 2013
21151 Great tracks. Glowworm tunnel is an awsome site...great for a ride on my motorbike aswell! Toyota Hilux Feb 9, 2013
35281 Great fun all around Zig Zag. Did Blackfellows Hands, Lost City, Glow Worm and other tracks here and there. Camped out at Newnes, great camping spot! Subaru Forester Dec 8, 2012
38808 Powerlines track is still top fun, did it years ago and its still a challenge now, abiet some areas are now only passable for the big toys. Toyota Hilux Jul 15, 2012
10731 cant exactly say that i have done all the newnes/G.O.S NP tracks but had a great time exploring the ones we had time for. some great country to see in this neck of the woods. we definatly be back to check out some more. Toyota Hilux Nov 21, 2010
12276 Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 29, 2010
10301 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jul 6, 2010
11304 Toyota Landcruiser Apr 5, 2010
6907 allways top play zone Toyota Hilux Jan 5, 2010
5477 Toyota Prado Oct 4, 2009
5516 Nissan Patrol Oct 4, 2009
4735 Gravel roads very dusty when dry, Wombat holes area and tracks along powerlines heaps of fun - varies from easy to diff scraping heart pounding fun. Some tucked away camp spots to be found. Nissan Patrol Aug 20, 2009
4013 Great day out Jeep Wrangler Unlimited May 2, 2009
4107 Spent the day exploring the various tracks in the area. The blackfellows hand track was a lot of fun. There weather conditions proved slow going with significant amounts of ground water on the top of the table land portion of the track. There are some fairly deep holes and the track needs a bit of work in a few areas.... otherwise it was an awsome trip, the stair case and lost city were a worth the trip. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Apr 18, 2009
2962 Josh was here! Loved it!, Cant wait to go again! I have GPS data for here, will upload later! Toyota Landcruiser Dec 23, 2008
118 First 4wdrive test for my new 80 series. It was theb allowable to descend the staircase to the Lost City. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 30, 1996