Ashbourne - Load Rd
About the Track
Track Description

Track has a very shallow creek crossing (could be more water after heavy rain) and a decently steep rocky ascent/descent towards the southern end. There\'s a gate at the top near a house so leave it the way you found it I suppose. Watch out for the dog at the house too - it almost ran under my cruiser. Great views from the top section.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47193 The road is fine, the 4x4 areas are just rutted tracks either side of the road. Deep ruts but still easy for stock Feroza. Would be better in winter. Daihatsu Feroza Mar 29, 2014
46787 Nice track. Dry at moment so no trouble getting up or down the steep hill. Nissan Pathfinder Mar 22, 2014
13661 great little track, it was dry when we travelled along it, but it would be fun in the wet. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 18, 2013
43710 Nissan Patrol Oct 12, 2013
40693 Mitsubishi Triton Jun 12, 2013
23706 Very easy drive. Did most of it in 2wd. One steep hill. Scenic drive though Mitsubishi Triton May 27, 2013
5850 Did this today as I was bored quite easy except for the steep downhill sections as a little muddie was a bit of fun.... Toyota Landcruiser Jan 13, 2013
35603 Not at all moderate, The RAV4 handled it easily, more of a dirt track than a 4WD track, might be harder in the rain, will have to see. Toyota RAV4 Jan 1, 2013
32994 nice drive nothing hard. except stay on the road. we went off the road at where the water must flow across and got majorly bog. we were lucky the farmer came past and pulled us out with their tractor. Holden Jackaroo Sep 30, 2012
29198 Wouldn't rate it moderate, but good drive anyway. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 9, 2012
26651 it was pretty easy. i wouldnt say that its moderate but i was a good drive Toyota Landcruiser Jun 11, 2012
17811 Another good run in the damp conditions, a bit sloppy in places, enough to coat the Paj anyway. Got chased by the dog after the gate - and passed by a little old lady going the other way in her 06' Astra.....:(, guess its not that challenging afterall! Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 27, 2012
19516 Very pleasant drive, nothing challenging Nissan Pathfinder Dec 4, 2011
23320 one boggy section which might be a creek in winter. Came down the hill from the north. Saw the dog. No dramas. Isuzu D Max Nov 13, 2011
1752 Nice easy track with a steep rocky climb but easily travelled in 4H. Might be bit slippy in winter though Mitsubishi Challenger Sep 18, 2011