Madigan Line
About the Track
Track Description

Track follows the route of C T  Madigans 1939 crossing of the northern Simpson Desert.  It avoids Camps 3, 4, 5 where permission is not able to be obtained from the aboriginal councils, instead travelling via the Pivot and the Crossing.  We took a detour down to Geosurveys Hill, between camps 8 and 9.

This route should not be taken lightly, it is some of the most remote area in the country and any vehicle failure will be extremely costly to recover (if possible) and possibly life threatening.  Vehicle preparation should be meticulous.

Distance between Finke and Birdsville (fuel stops) is in excess of 800km and mainly low range travel.

Permission to traverse Simpson Desrt NP in Qld will require permission from Qld NP as well as the manager of Adria Downs Station (via Birdsville)

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
26168 Nissan Patrol Sep 23, 2012
44744 Best trip we have ever done. Nissan Patrol Jun 1, 2008