Mares Hill
About the Track
Track Description

Decent hill climb you can pick the hard or easy way.

Easy way to the right once you start heading up, Hard way is to the left both link up at the top.

I managed to break a CV joint heading up the left as its got a few decent rocky sections to climb up for a stock car it would be rated as difficult for a modified car with decent rubber and possibly a locker then it would only be moderate.



Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
26113 Tree across the left (hard) track. There is a bypass above it so you can still use some of the harder track Mitsubishi Challenger Oct 5, 2014
11004 Whoop whoop was going great came up around the corner doing well so far track was wet hit the rocks to climb them got about 3/4 up them BANG! whoops thats a CV i just fitted, cheap repco crap! Used the new winch to get me over the rocks then away i went 3 wheel drive whoop whoop made it to the top turned around went back down :) Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 19, 2011