beach run
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Track Description
enter via beach st at belmont north a mix of sand dunes and a beach run some good fishing holes along the way
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
54296 First time on the beach and found it easy and enjoyable Nissan Xtrail Dec 2, 2014
53296 Entered via Awabakal Ave. nice beach and dunes for exploring. my stock x-trail (@ 18psi) had no issues though I didn't go everywhere. Plenty of places to test out your car here. wasn't too busy the Saturday morning I was there. Nissan Xtrail Oct 18, 2014
45566 Took my first outing on the sand. Sand is soft tho once the tyre's are down no issues in high range. Plenty of people around to help out and chat too. great place to hang, swim and mingle. Nissan Navara Jan 12, 2014
41917 First Sand driving. great beach very soft went down to 12 psi low range the whole day. Ford Ranger Dec 8, 2014
42486 Very soft and windy on my trip, but was great fun entered via Kalaroo Rd, what out for metal poking out of the ground all over the place Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 10, 2013
43097 Very soft sand I've been here twice. Once in my Rav4 09 and once in my Patrol 97. Not a place for soft off roaders the biggest problem being clearance along the deep wheel treads. Had to be recovered 4 times and only made it half way. Did it again when I got my stock Patrol without too many problems, had good all terrains, still needed to drop down to 15 Psi Nissan Patrol Sep 14, 2013
33462 Good beach for driving, much softer than Stockton. shame there was a lot of bottles and general rubbish from people camping overnight. even the entrance to the beach is like the local tip. other than that it was a great.. Mitsubishi Challenger Jan 19, 2013
36231 Entered via Ocean Park Road (which is what Beach Street turns into). Didn't see any signs about restricted entry. Plenty of vehicles coming and going from this point and also Awabakal Ave (other side of Golf course). Toyota Hilux Dec 8, 2012