North of Fiddletown
About the Track
Track Description

Basically an open area with rocks and sand spread around and a mud pit in the centre. Good place for beginners looking to  learn.

Quite good for quaddies and trail bikes as well. There are several trails nearby that are for access to power line pylons so are all dead ends and are mostly accessible by 2WD.

Probably best to visit during weekdays as there generally are hikers around on weekends.

Access is via a firetrail off Bloodwood road at 33 34.059S 151 4.477E

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
13127 Pretty much just a quarry off bloodwood trail Not a bad little play area recommended to have good tyres and 2" of lift as the are a few areas that stock height would struggle with. Holden Frontera Dec 4, 2010
9978 same track as Bloodwood..... check for details Nissan Patrol May 2, 2010