Big Beach - Cungulla
About the Track
Track Description

Entry to some sand tracks to get out onto Big Beach.

The main 2 entrys to the beach over the dunes are very easy and can be attempted by softroaders most times. Other tracks leading onto the beach can be more challenging.

With the right tide the beach will stretch to around 50-60m wide and is very firm and easy to drive on. Higher tides come close to the dunes, but keep those pressures down and you won\'t run into trouble.

Approx 6km north up the beach is Salmon creek which is a good place to wet a line, and there are several camping spots also.

Drive south for around 1km and there is a sand spit out the front of the Cungulla township which is good for Barra and Queenies with the right timing.

It should also be noted that there is a $1000 fine for driving/riding on sand dunes, so stick to established tracks!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
40082 Jeep Wrangler May 27, 2013
31299 Beautiful beach. Drove out onto the beach and turned north for a couple of km's. Read some reports of how dirty the beach was but saw now sign of any rubbish on the beach. Nissan Patrol Oct 6, 2012