Bribie Island (includes inland track and camping areas)
About the Track
Track Description

The Beach - The entry to the beach is a bit rough but easy to get through and onto the beach itself. Worth dropping your tyre pressures in the car park before entering the track onto the beach. Please observe the speed limits as Police often patrol the beach and there is a limit you can travel north (the GPS plot is at that sign).

Beach camping areas are nice and vary from small camping areas to large. Just need to pick the correct site but the tracks into some of the camping areas are soft and tyre pressures will play a major factor in getting in to them

Inland track - is moderate as the sand is soft and you can easierly get bogged, as a Landcruiser, Patrol, Zook and Issue 4x4's found out. Tyre pressures at 16 - 20lbs is a must, clearance and speed are the keys to a good run. The inland track is some of the best fun you will have. Glad I did the beach run first, as the inland track topped off a great day.

Inland camping areas are good and there are day areas there too.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52148 Did the beach run up to near the lighthouse then inland tracks back to town. Good day out. Tracks are in pretty good condition. Nissan Navara Sep 7, 2014
4758 Northern part of the track seemed to have been graded recently. Easy enough for a Subaru to get through! Toyota Landcruiser Jun 21, 2014
34433 Great day out. Seams as though it might have been levelled out for the school holidays. Just a few patches of softer sand. The corrugations on the harder stuff is quite bad though. Wish they smoothed those out! Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 14, 2013
44703 Have done this one a few times now, always good fun. Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 3, 2013
37916 Nice place to take the family for a day out Nissan Navara Aug 17, 2013
41949 Awesome trip to wear the navara in, went up the beach with a few shallow water crossings from where the lagoons have met the surf and checked out all the old WW2 gun towers and signal towers and then back tracked to the 'P' camp ground (the only camp site on the beach with showers and toilets) where we had lunch and waited out the high tide, then took the inland track back through the middle of the island, there were a few soft spots but no dramas and an absolutely awesome day out with the kids. Nissan Navara Jul 28, 2013
42045 Mazda Bravo Jul 10, 2013
34433 A great day out. Wouldn't say it was moderate but the conditions for me were recent rain days before. 20 psi and never needed low range. Shame about all the lagoons and beach with debris from the recent storms/floods. Mitsubishi Pajero Feb 9, 2013
34433 A great day out. Wouldn't say it was moderate but the conditions for me were recent rain days before. 20 psi and never needed low range. Shame about all the lagoons and beach with debris from the recent storms/floods. Mitsubishi Pajero Feb 9, 2013
495 altho i think its VERY over priced, it is a fun beach drive close to bris. got bogged BAD on the inland track but was totally my fauly-forgot to put it in 4wd lol once in low range we crawled out of the bog easy. just a heads up- to the d&*k who doesnt follow street rules on the beach when we were there... normal rules apply! ie stick to the left when other cars approach. we almost got in a crash cause someone didnt do this or take notice of my blinker Nissan Patrol Dec 28, 2012
19155 Had a fantastic day out on Bribie Island. Heaps of sand 4WD, had look at the old WW2 Gin bunkers, BBQ some beach fishing, swim in one of the lagoons ... terrific area for the family. Does get pretty busy on the weekends but highly reccomend this run ... Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 2, 2012
30181 dropped tyre pressure was a great day for all Toyota 4Runner Jul 25, 2012
27342 Completed this on the weekend. The beach access from Woorim very easy. Beech Very easy. Few Lagoons draing to beach which does require some care, especially mid tide, but all in all easy. Northern Access closed but we did go a few KM's in and again all very easy! Mazda BT-50 Jun 17, 2012
27904 Lowered tyre pressure just to be sure before heading up the beach. No water crossings up the beach and heaps of beach to drive on around low tide. Came back via inland track. A few short soft sections, but overall very easy going. I agree with the comment below, I could have done the whole trip without adjusting my tyres. Toyota Prado May 23, 2012
29619 Great spot to camp - both Poverty Creek and Ocean Beach Holden Colorado May 15, 2012
28139 Northen Access track open again. They have put down some wood chips in some of the soft sand areas. We even did the trip via the Northen Access track without lowering the tyre pressures. A high clearance vehicle is still recommended to pass some sections. On the ocean side, the lagoons are still draining to the ocean, so a couple of easy water crossings cannot be avoided. The sand is slowly building up on the beach, but the ocean track definitely should not be attempted around high-tide. Toyota Prado Apr 8, 2012
21287 Did the drive with a club the inland track was easier than usual as it is compacted after the rain Toyota Landcruiser Jan 22, 2012
21350 Entry an beach easy as . Inland track not for the feint hearted . As stated above tyres pressures under 20 and pick the good lines Mitsubishi Triton Jan 5, 2012
24350 fun track only done the full track at night though, didnt get to see as alot in the dark Holden Frontera Dec 20, 2011
293 Nissan Patrol Dec 15, 2011