Healesville - Old Chum Creek Road
About the Track
Track Description

We did all of these tracks about 3 weeks ago, yep there are several branching off from one another and interlinking. But there is one track thats on the very edge of a creek which is very VERY difficult! Deep rutts, lots of bog holes, no turn around points, big creek crossing (made very hard by a steep entence and exit) and a drop off one side and a hill on the other! Recomend at least 33s and decent 3" lift would make it more tameble. snorkle and winch if you want to cross the creek! very hard in the wet!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
21753 Toyota Hilux Oct 11, 2012
21753 Toyota Hilux Oct 11, 2012
23508 Wet and muddy and now I need a new diff!!!!! Jeep Cherokee Nov 22, 2011