Bunyip State Forest - All Day Tour Dry Weather Only
About the Track
Track Description

This is a great day tour in the dry and was undertaken in a std height Prado GXL with lockers and BFG ATs. and a stock Pajero.

The starting point was the new BP Roadhouse on the Princess Fwy just before Sand Road (North of Longwarry).

It took approx. 7 1/2 hours including airing down and up and a few meal breaks. The Paj driver was a novice so we travelled very slowly on the more difficult sections.

Overall, the tracks used on this route have a number of steep sections which are accompanied by deep ruts (made by modified 4x4\'s travelling these sections when they are wet.) With carefull wheel placement and driving on the ridges we were able to navigate the route with almost no scraping underneath. (It was so dry and dusty that on a couple of occassions the wheels slipped into the ruts.)

Track Summary:
Tea Tree Track (Seasonal Closure)
Gentle Annie Track (Seasonal Closure)
A loop via 3 Sisters Track - Phasmid Track - Lower Sisters Track (I assume Seasonally Closed)
Western Track (Seasonal Closure)

The entrance onto the 3 sisters track is around a tree (there is a steel gate across the main track which has been bent and hence made inoperable. There is no indication on the net nor at the site that the track is MVO or the like.)
It\'s a tight fit and we had to fill the ruts to stop our side steps being damaged.

 The trip down the Western Track was great.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
4645 Easy in dry Finished track in one and half hours. Toyota Hilux Feb 28, 2010
4639 Mitsubishi Pajero May 22, 2009