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Goog\'s Track is a track that traverses Yumbarra Conservation Park and Yellabinna Regional Reserve, from Ceduna north to the Transcontinental railway line at Malbooma.Approx. 200 km in length. The road then follows the railway line east to Glendambo, via Tarcoola and Kingoonya.

There are approx. 300 sand dunes to cross. Most of the dunes are fairly easy going, but there are a few that can be a bit chopped up on the approaches, and might test some vehicles.

There are a couple of interesting side trcks going to Goog\'s Lake and Mount Finke.

Reduced tyre pressures and sand flags are mandatory. Recommended direction of travel is from south to north.

This is remote country, and there are no facilities on the track, so self-sufficiency is a must.

Fuel is available at Ceduna and Glendambo. You need to allow for enough fuel  for approx 400km.

The included GPS track starts from the Ceduna Tourist Information Centre. Camping Permits can be purchased here.Camping is $5 per night per vehicle. There are many good campsites at Goog\'s Lake.


Added by vossy:

This track starts out the back of Ceduna by an old farmer many years ago. He used a old bulldozer to push up a track from his property to the trans australian railway. It\'s about 150kms of rough dirt road and sand dune after sand dune, with some salt lakes thrown in. There is a monument for old Goog along the track. A good place to stop and take a photo.

Extra fuel is needed because it\'s several 100 kms before the next fuel stop.

Best time to go is during autumn and early spring.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
24941 We did this as a dress rehearsal for a Simpson crossing to test equipment, packing and most importantly fuel consumption over sandy dunes. The track itself is fantastic and with reduced tyre pressures was negotiated easily. We did the side trip out to Nalara Rocks as well. THAT track has some horrendous corrugations along its 50km length. The campsite at Googs Lake has been curbed considerably since we were there, I believe. Instead of being able to choose your own site, the Parks Police have herded everyone into a barricaded campground. Mt Finke has a nice enough bush camping area. When we did it, diesel and ULP were available from a self-serve bowser (credit card swipe) at Kingoonya. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 6, 2012
33731 Toyota Hilux Surf Apr 21, 2011
17462 Travelled in a convey of about 12 cars from South to North.Track was in reasonable condition. Also travelled out to Nalara-Lois rocks, as well as Mt Finke. Holden Frontera Oct 2, 2010
129 We travelled North to South, Radio on 18 and sand flags essential, rate track low to medium, Googs lake is a great spot to camp, Mt.Finke is worth diverting to . Nissan Patrol Aug 15, 2009
5367 Toyota Landcruiser