Herne Spur from Wonnangatta
About the Track
Track Description
This trek begins at the delightful Wonnangatta Homstead. It takes you through 8 river crossings and up some of the steepest terrain in the high country. There are many sections that appear to be vertical and they are loose and rocky. High clearance, low range, good off road tyres and plenty of courage needed for this one. Leave the wives and kids at home if you know whats good for you. The upshot is if your a fisherman there are lots of spots to throw a line in. The trek climbs up Herne Spur to meet up with Wombat Spur then traverses back down to the Wonnangatta Flats. Along the way there is a nice short track that takes you up and on top of Bald Knob. This track requires a fair level of courage to go up and about a 30 point turn to get around and back down. If you have the experience take the time as it gives you completely unobstructed 360 degree views of the high country. This trip is best done in the morning.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
57191 Nissan Navara Mar 9, 2015
36771 A bit of fun coming out of the station! Toyota Landcruiser Dec 31, 2014
23121 did Herne spur in the downhill direction, would be really difficult uphill if wet at all. Nissan Pathfinder Nov 17, 2012
774 Toyota Landcruiser Nov 17, 2012
3981 And our P Plate daughter loved it too in her trusty Hilux Toyota Landcruiser Dec 30, 2011
10203 It's open! Went up in the morning and back down in the rain that afternoon. Toyota Hilux Nov 24, 2011
22651 Sorry to give you people the bad news Herne spur from the Wonnangatta is now closed at both ends Ford Ranger Nov 5, 2011
10203 I loved it and so did my hilux. Toyota Hilux Apr 2, 2010
488 Great track, going up or down Nissan Patrol
6015 We done every track around this area in the past few weeks. Nissan Patrol Jan 26, 2010
5796 Toyota Prado Jan 6, 2010
12717 Downhill with care, no problem in the dry but wet could be more interesting! Ford Maverick Nov 20, 2009