Launders Track
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The most serious open to public track the Grampians has to offer.

Even though the Grampians have the reputation of locking down everything a SUV on highway tyres may struggle on, this one is an exception.

Without a doubt, the most fun track thats open, and very hard to mention conditions.  Every rain, every weekend, the track is different.
Some days a totally stock 4WD on highway tyres and pressures will go up and down without concern.
The next week, they may scrape on every second ledge, spin, and chew out tyres.
Low Range is a must, AT tyres should be a minimum, and let the air out (24psi) to reduce damage from rocks, and you\'ll be right.  If you have a 2\" lift, you\'ll be fine at any time,  If youre stock hight, get out and look at the ledges, pick the right line.  You\'ll make it fine, but take the time to walk the ledges, some can be well over a foot shear steps. 

Anyone can do this track with common sense, and it will be hard to not turn around and do it the other way.....  then the passenger will want 2 goes, its great fun, and you won\'t be happy with 1 direction and go, so do let the tyres down do reduce/eliminate damage.  Have fun!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52751 Went down the track in my Disco 3, stock with Cooper AT/3's on. had to use lifted suspension height to avoid bottoming out (2 inch lift equivalent), got down no problems in low range 1st and 2nd, Didn't use HDC. A very fun track for a novice like me! LandRover Discovery May 2, 2015
54860 Great track, moderate to hard in the dry and hard to very hard in the wet. Went up and down in stock patrol, no slipping or struggling but i rubbed the bottom of the car in a few places. Well worth a look if your in the area. Nissan Patrol Dec 26, 2014
52794 went up this track was great fun, pick the right lines as theres is some big boulders and steps. would be an easyer track to go down. Toyota Hilux Oct 26, 2014
47370 was not as exciting as expected. yes, rocky, yes a bit slippery at times, but not super tricky. apply good driving skills and some common sense. Toyota 4Runner May 24, 2014
49689 Did this track in a stock NS Pajero with a stock NP Pajero. Both had AT's. Hardest track I've done and due to no lift at the time felt we had to pick lines carefully on the way down. Didn't go up. Can't wait to do it again with the lift. Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 8, 2014
35603 Did this in the dry summer, it was the hardest track we have done with two steps we came down the track and for the last step I had to rearrange some rocks to assist in a bit of a drop off. it was fun and we probably should have gone back up maybe next time. Toyota FJ Cruiser Dec 27, 2013
28720 The track was in pretty good condition and was dry. I had out hwy tyres on for this trip (not expecting to go too far off the beaten track) and lowered them to 24PSI and got up and down fine picking the right lines. Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 27, 2013
27188 Great track, condition is good with lots of rocks for grip. Completed in stock jeep jk with m/t. Would be a great track in the wet. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Apr 6, 2013
30520 Not a bad little track. In the rain, no problems. Couldn't find many track that were open, or weren't flood damaged, but this little track made the trip worthwhile. Come in off Wallaby Rocks and go down. Then if confident, turn around. Met a Hyundai Terrican coming up, so it's not that hard! Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 2, 2012
30520 Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 2, 2012
5887 Did this with 4 other Patrols (2 std height) going downhill in the wet no problems. Make sure you walk the steps and pick your lines. Gate was open at the top but closed at the bottom (fortunately an escape route was available). Nissan Patrol Jul 14, 2012
23142 Pretty insane track! 350m drop in elevation over about 2km. You will have to have a pretty nice set up to be climb it, going down (From Wallaby track) was hard enough. Wish I had stayed on Wallaby track, looked like i missed out on some nice views and ridge roads (I started at Rose Creek rd). Heaps of good tracks in the Grampians tho, just make sure you find out what roads are closed (Halls Gap Info centre has a up to date maps) and spend a good amount of time planning your route!!! Heaps of tracks and roads closed due to 2011 flooding. Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 2, 2012
29132 Did this on a glorious clear dry day in my stock Triton with my family aboard. I had a ball but unfortunately the missus wouldn't let me do it again. Steep and rocky with some decent steps that I took my time picking the right line with after walking first. The Triton did it with ease. Mitsubishi Triton Dec 21, 2011
2571 Was in the Grampians when the 06 bushfire started. We bugged out real quick!! Toyota Hilux Jan 20, 2006