Millers Hut from Talbotville Via Billy Goat Bluff
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Track Description

This treck begins from the old townsite of Talbotville in the Grant Historic area. It is a fabulous place to base yourself for several trips in this area. It takes in the scenery of the Crooked River then upward along the Billy Goat Bluff Track. I have graded this track as difficult because of the rocky and very steep terrain along Billy Goat Bluff. It can be done in most real four wheel drives such as the Cruisers, Nissans etc with a bit of ground clearance. I wouldn\'t suggest this treck for any soft roader type vehicles. It would be a good idea to have some kind of all terrain tyres.

Once at the top of the Bluff the treck gets easier and takes you though to Horesyard Hut and along to Millers Hut via the Mount Wellington Track. This track has some spectacular views of the high country so take your camera. You have to return along this track and down but a detour taked you along to Moroka Hut. this too is a pretty hut. From here you will backtrack to the top of the Bluff and down to return to Talbotville OR you can continue on along Moroka Rd to Arbuckle Junction.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
5796 Toyota Prado Jan 10, 2010