Mt Skene - to the east onto Middle Ridge
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December 2012. Look at map(s) of this area. One end of Middle Ridge Road begins, from the east, at the intersection of Bull Plain and Glencairn Licola Rds. The other end, from the west, is at the intersection of Barkly River Road and the Australian Alpine Walking Track (known incorrectly as Mt Sunday Track and marked on the latest Hema map as Mt Sunday Rd). Middle Ridge Rd is dry weather 2WD to its crossing of Mt Skene Ck from the east. From there onwards it is an easy 4WD across the ridge itself, past the Plum Pudding Rocks, to its end at the Barkly River Rd. This is a rewarding and scenic journey of 25kms. During our survey we concluded that, in the dry, an AWD with enough ground clearance could cautiously complete this trek.

This could be included in a day drive from Licola to Mt Skene to make a very scenic 4WD journey.

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