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The Nobs track is actually within the Mansfield State forest and well signposted.   I found the new HEMA Map book on High Country a good general reference.  however having a greater detailed map in 1:50.000 is definitely an advantage, detailed with contour lines for elevations.     The NOBS Track is as named NOT suitable for Nobs.   The start of the track is like sitting in the space shuttle looking into the sky.

Around the first corner and it is immediately a short sharp 30+ ascent.   This sets the tone for the whole climb.  It does level out a little.    No flat spots just heaps of run off/erosion mounds which can serve as a good place to momentarily pause if travelling in a convoy.  Otherwise a very consistent climb.   Good spacings are critical on this ascent as a previous contributor has said,\"would be interesting in the wet\".   On Labour Day long Weekend it was damp and the red clay base had not become slippery.  It does have a good base of rock as well but I would not drive it in the wet....simply too dangerous.   It is narrow and not a track you would like to meet someone coming down as little or no room to pull over particularly higher up the track.  The ascent is three kilometres.  Towards the top on the way up  there is a nasty switchback which for larger vehicles  ordinarily requires a two point turn ie backwards and then forwards.  This  is for experienced drivers with suitably equipped vehicles. mud tyres and a locker a definite advantage but not critical provided the track is dry.  This track concludes at the i/section of Mc DONALD\'s track and Son of a Bitch Spur.       

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