Ravine Rd, Lobbs Hole Powerline Rd
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Track Description

One of the few rugged tracks you can legally drive in this region. The terrain and views are very different from what you'll typically see in this high altitude area. There's potential for many great camp grounds in the valley by the river, but at the time I visited (Jan 2011) it was completely overgrown - with long grass home to snakes.

Ravine Rd (south) is very narrow, steep and windy, with big drop offs on the lower sides. It's an easy track but requires low range and care, because speed could be fatal. At the time I drove this, there were some washed out sections. Do not take trailers on this track.

The river crossing requires a lifted vehicle, as there's some fairly large rocks (see photo).

Lobbs Hole Powerline Rd (north) has some narrow and sindy sections near the bottom, but the majority is is quite an easy drive. Trailers not recommended unless experienced.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
27496 Nissan Navara Jan 1, 2014
34858 Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 9, 2013
19034 OP's comments still valid. Lovely area. Nissan Patrol Mar 11, 2013