Upper Jamieson Hut to King river, via Craigs Hut
About the Track
Track Description

This is a great days drive which we did as the second day of a several day trip through the high country.  Generally moderate to hard but nothing really serious.  Crossing the river from Upper Jamieson Hut, a solid hut which offers real shelter and plenty of camping space too, headed up Refrigerator Gap track, which was good 4wd country.  Onto Bluff link track (2wd) and then 16 mile jeep track, another good track, good looking open campsites at Pikes Flat and Bindaree Hut. To Bindaree road and a stop at Bindaree falls, spectacular. You walk in and under the falls. Next the Monument track, nice 4wd track, loose and rocky, and finally we were at Craigs Hut. Fantastic views including the Cobbler and King Valley.  Headed around circuit road to Black Landing tk, and down to the river, heading for King Hut site at the other end of king basin road. Checked a couple of other spots on the river and found them not very exciting, headed on and hit the King hut site (the hut is gone, chimbney and a monument to the hut remain), which suited just fine. Plenty of room, nice and open, toilets, fishable river even!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
3981 Great track, multiple river crossings getting quite deep with the recent snow melting. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 9, 2012
16649 Good track - a little over grown in places - have to do it again Toyota Landcruiser Feb 12, 2011