Wolfe Creek Crater
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OK so off to a place in the desert which while it has lost some of it’s sheen was in it’s day, all be it 300,000 years ago, the place to be for falling rock stars. Think of it as the Pleistocene Age’s answer to Britney Spears in Vegas.

At almost a kilometre wide and more than 60 metres deep it makes an impressive mark on the landscape and it is estimated that the meteorite that hit was about 50,000 tones. While it’s true Kim and I have been on bigger cruise ships than this it doesn’t detract from the fact that if one of these comes to your neighbourhood, just like Britney Spears, it will seriously impact real estate values.

Seriously though this is one of those natural phenomena that need’s to be seen to be appreciated. While it’s size means it appears on Google Earth’s Terrain the full scale of this doesn’t become apparent until you’re standing on the rim of the crater. When we did this in September 2011 the Tanami Road from the Great North Highway was easy going as far as the crater turn off however the road out to the crater, 3 gates and 100’s of cattle along it, was not as well maintained and was in parts heavily corrugated. None the less this was still more than worth the trip.

While it was once called the Tanami Track, and if you look at images of the road from the 70’s you will see why, it is now a wide dirt road though don’t be fooled it will still eat at tyres and suspension with its corrugations so pack an extra spare or two. There has been talk for some years of sealing the road but for now it’s still just talk.

For those with a photographic inclination, or if you just want to spend a quite night with the possibility of watching a spectacular sunrise in a unique location then an overnight stay at Wolfe Creek is probably going to appeal to you. As with most desert camps with no electricity you have no lights. This means it’s you’ll see the night sky as nature intended. Or for those who need a bit of marketing spin on this ‘you’ll be staying in million star accommodations’.

The camping area is located away from the main access road to the crater meaning that there will be less noise and dust from other travellers, though the road itself is not that heavily travelled. The individual campsites are large enough for a couple of vehicles and tents and are well spaced from each other providing a modicum of privacy. The areas only facility is a couple of pit toilets and while there was a water tank when we visited in September 2011 this was empty as the tap had been removed.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact us http://vk2us.id.au/index.php?option=com_contact&view=contact&id=2&Itemid=27

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47488 few bulldust holes Toyota Landcruiser Jul 7, 2015
12671 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 19, 2011
6015 Nissan Patrol May 26, 2009